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All our products are made from carefully selected quality renewable natural resources.
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Richgro Landscape & Commercial offers 3 main types of tests that are important.
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Our Quality

Richgro is proud to be an ISO 9001Quality endorsed company.
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About Landscape and Commercial Division

The Richgro Landscape & Commercial division specialises in the supply of high quality growing media, landscape soils, mulches and ancillary products.

This division supplies commercial nurseries, landscapers, local government authorities, contractors, schools, vineyards, golf courses and the turf markets, with an eye to expand further into the horticultural, viticulture and agricultural markets as new products come on line.

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Managing the future of our soils

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Water….. It’s Life!

Australia…. summers are hot and long.  This can affect the water absorbency of our soils. For many of us in the West, our soils...
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Better Future Through Soil – Why Carbon Matters

A key indicator of soil health is the amount of its carbon-rich organic matter. Such soils hold more nutrients and water, and ther...
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Better Soil Better Future

At Richgro we are here to help you make your soil better. We believe in a comprehensive approach and sustainable options to growing and landscaping. Good soil is strong, fertile and full of life for a better future.

We have a dedicated research team whose focus is to find innovative ways and products towards promoting soil longevity.

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