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Welcome to Richgro Landscape & Commercial – Perth’s leading suppliers for bulk soils, composts, fertilisers and mulches. We help a range of clients, including landscapers, growers, gardeners, councils and other organisations, complete their commercial gardening projects by supplying them with the quality products they need.

Whether you’re taking on a small or large landscaping project, or revitalising council land or a public green space, Richgro has all the products you need to ensure your job is a success.

Our Projects

All our products are made from carefully selected quality renewable natural resources.
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Our Testing Services

Richgro Landscape & Commercial offers 3 main types of tests that are important.
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Our Quality

Richgro is proud to be an ISO 9001Quality endorsed company.
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About Landscape and Commercial Division

The Richgro Landscape & Commercial division specialises in the supply of high quality growing media, landscape soils, mulches and ancillary products.

This division supplies commercial nurseries, landscapers, local government authorities, contractors, schools, vineyards, golf courses and the turf markets, with an eye to expand further into the horticultural, viticulture and agricultural markets as new products come on line.

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Browse our extensive range

Bulk soils, turf mixes, industrial-grade fertilisers and more: you’ll find everything you need for your commercial gardening and landscaping needs here at Richgro Commercial.

Soil mixes and conditioners

We’ve created a range of soil mixes and conditioners with the right balance of nutrients for any application. From community veggie gardens to council nature strips, our custom-formulated soil mixes ensure your project starts off on the right foot.
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Turf mixes and supplies

Laying and managing turf can present several challenges, but using Richgro’s high-performance turf mixes and supplies makes your job a whole lot easier. Our turf dressings deliver water retention and nutrient density to establish strong roots and repair bare patches on large stretches of lawn.
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Richgro mulches are produced to the highest quality standards with the optimum goal of maximum water efficiency and insulation. We supply mulches to suit any projects however small or large, stocking a diverse range of mulches made from quality materials.
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Bulk organic fertilisers

Making sure plants are well-fed should be at the top of every landscaper’s mind. Strong plant growth is a requirement to any healthy landscape. Richgro offers a range of nutrient-rich fertilisers, made from organic matter such as manure and blood and bone. Our organic fertilisers are perfect for all projects, and help to promote earthworm activity.
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Specialist products

Need to give your commercial gardening or landscaping project a kick? Our specialist products have got you covered. Ranging from bulk natural insect spray to industrial-grade soil wetting agents, these specialist products are often the key to unlocking better results in your project.
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We also supply many of Perth’s nurserymen and commercial growers with premium-grade growing mixes for a variety of applications. At Richgro we have the flexibility to customise any mixes to project requirements.
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Why choose Richgro Commercial products?

  • West Australian family owned and operated
  • Perth’s most trusted brand of commercial gardening supplies
  • Almost 110 years of experience and brand history
  • Unparalleled quality of products
  • Comprehensive product range
  • The capacity to supply specialist custom mixes – blended to suit your soil

Richgro is Perth’s leading supplier of premium-grade soils, mulches and other commercial gardening products. For the best results in your outdoor project, contact our Customer Service team to assist you.

Enjoy a greener, healthier project thanks to the quality range of products at Richgro.

Better Soil Better Future

At Richgro we are here to help you make your soil better. We believe in a comprehensive approach and sustainable options to growing and landscaping. Good soil is strong, fertile and full of life for a better future.

We have a dedicated research team whose focus is to find innovative ways and products towards promoting soil longevity.

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