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At the service of the gardening industry since 1916, Richgro has been proudly Australian owned and family operated over four generations! The company’s mission is to offer great products to the consumer garden, horticultural, landscape, turf and agricultural industries with a keen focus on environmental sustainability whilst remaining committed to a carbon free footprint.

Richgro at the service of the industry since 1916

As one of the most respected garden landscape supplies companies in Perth since 1916, Richgro offers a wide range of ready-made mixes available to order in bulk such as specialist soils, soil conditioners, turf supplies, mulches, organic fertilisers and specialist products.

Our production also has the ability to manufacture custom made mixes to the specifications of what you need.

The history behind the Landscape and Commercial Division

Amazon Soils and Landscaping Supplies was acquired by Richgro in 2004. They are a major supplier of quality soils, mulches and landscape products into the consumer and commercial landscape sectors in WA. Amazon was an ideal “fit” with the existing Richgro business as it targeted a booming market (landscaping) that Richgro up until then had not been able to tap into.

Richgro Landscape & Commercial division specialises in the supply of high quality growing media, landscape soils, mulches, organics, fertilisers and specialist products. This division aims to supply commercial nurseries, landscapers, local government authorities, contractors, schools, vineyards, golf courses and the turf markets, with an eye to expand further into the horticultural, viticulture and agricultural markets as new products come on line.

All products are subject to strict quality control procedures which are managed through the on site Laboratory. This is your guarantee that the end product is of the best standard and the results above expectations.

Why choose us?

– Proudly West Australian family owned and operated for 100 Years

– Expertise in local gardening, landscapes and horticultural trends

– Quality endorsed company to ISO 9001

– Quality endorsed products (AS3743, AS4454, AS4419)

– Australian Certified Organic (ACO) products

– Environmentally endorsed practices (EcoHort, NIASA, Bio-Secure)

– On site laboratory for testing services to the industry – soil, plant tissue and water

– First company to produce waste to clean energy

Our company is on the list of WALGA Preferred Suppliers. We are a main sponsor of the Nursery and Garden Industry, member of the Turf Growers Association, member of the WA Landscape Association and have strong ties with Irrigation Australia through ongoing advertising in the Overflow magazine.

Research and development

Our research and development team favors products and services that contribute to more positive environmental outcomes.

Richgro’s recent investment in a composting facility 90 minutes South of Perth brings added advantages in firstly continuing to compost quality ingredients for our mixes away from urban infill and, secondly, produce compost and material with the correct carbon to nitrogen ratios in order to build soil carbon.

With collaboration with UWA which is ranked number one in Australia for Agricultural Science, Richgro continues to research the science of soil carbon and our next generation of fertilisers, produced in WA.

These products and collaborations put Richgro at the heart of sustainable gardening.

Richgro R&D Manager Bede Mickan undertaking growing trials.
Richgro R&D Manager Bede Mickan undertaking growing trials
Richgro Commercial