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At family owned Richgro, we are strongly eco conscious and the business has substantially invested into soil carbon research and sustainability solutions. Richgro and UWA are currently working together in testing new compost materials as a carbon source, testing these for soil amendment in relation to the Carbon/Nitrogen (C/N) ratio cycling processes and soil incubation.

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shutterstock 653717209 1 2Why good soil matters?

A good soil structure

  • Is key in allowing water penetration and air flow
  • Will stop nutrients being locked in, allowing the plant to utilise these more
  • Helps in preventing soil compaction (when soil particles are pressed together, resulting in reduced rate of both water infiltration and drainage)
  • Increases pH buffering (the ability of soil to resist changes in pH)
  • Prevents leaching losses of key nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium as these are held on to by organic matter

So far plant growth experiments are showing great results with plant nutrition and rhizosphere processes (the area around a plant root that is inhabited by a unique population of microorganisms influenced by the chemicals released from plant root). The company aims to use the results of this research towards new commercial lines in the near future.

Results to be published soon.


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