About Landscape and Commercial Division

The Richgro Landscape & Commercial division specialises in the supply of high quality growing media, landscape soils, mulches and ancillary products. This division supplies commercial nurseries, landscapers, local government authorities, contractors, schools, vineyards, golf courses and the turf markets, with an eye to expand further into the horticultural, viticulture and agricultural markets as new products come on line.

All products are subject to strict quality control procedures which are managed through the on site Laboratory. This is your guarantee that the end product is of the best standard and the results above expectations.

As one of the most respected garden landscape supplies companies in Perth, we have a wide range of ready-made mixes available to order in bulk such as specialist soils, soil conditioners, turf supplies, mulches, organic fertilisers and specialist products.

We also have the ability to manufacture custom made mixes to the specifications of what you need. We can supply custom mixes which are made to order depending on the balance of sand, compost and nutrients required. If required,we can assist you in making informed decisions by conducting the right tests on your soil, plants or water through our own certified on site Laboratory managed by expert staff. This takes the guess work out of how to improve your soil and plants. This is especially important for roof top and lightweight mixes for the commercial buildings aiming to establish gardens on their roof tops!

Richgro Landscape & Commercial is currently working very closely with the Turf market to establish an Australian Standard mix, suitable for both household and commercial customers. The turf market in Perth is quite challenging due to the nature of the soils we have here but it is possible to have great looking turf all year round just by planning ahead, being more informed and knowing more about the soil.

At Richgro we believe that knowledge is key in getting results and we regularly conduct free workshops at our Jandakot state of the art site for councils, local government authorities, landscapers and other interested parties. Please feel free to contact us to register your interest.

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Great sustainable landscapes is our promise to you. All our products are made from carefully selected quality renewable natural resources. All are rich in natural organic nutrients and have been blended for lasting performance.

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