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RICHGRO LABORATORY SERVICES provides inexpensive, safe, and future-sensitive solutions to improving your personal garden, landscape, turf or your entire farm’s or nursery’s production.

It is a state of the art analytical and horticultural testing facility which has been designed to ensure strict product quality control and fast, reliable and accurate testing services to customers. All analytical tests come with a comprehensive, efficient, user-friendly report that communicates the critical information you need.

It Costs More NOT To Test

Get the right answers to get the right solutions. By conducting the right tests on your soil, plants or water you take the guess work out of how to improve the soil and plants you have. The remedies are then easier to access and improvements made, saving you some large unnecessary costs in the long run. It does cost more NOT to test!

Richgro Landscape & Commercial offers 3 main types of tests that are especially important:

Soil testing – Find out what is going on with the soil you have – pH, nutrients, composition and more. Take the guess work out of how to improve the soil you have, simply by having a soil test done.

Tissue testing – Have an issue with a disease on your plant? or want to make sure the fertiliser applied is working? or if the plant is under stress? A tissue test will find out for you.

Water testing – Important throughout the year as the bore water can be very inconsistent from Spring to Autumn. A water analysis is guaranteed to reveal if the water is too salty or high in other levels that are very difficult to spot.

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