Landscape - Richgro Commercial

One of the most respected garden landscape supplies companies in Perth, our company is a successful and competitive mover of high quality mulch, compost, wetting agents, fertilisers, potting mixes and blended soils in Western Australia.

With a full range of organic soils and gardening supplies available in bulk quantities, we are one of the largest suppliers to commercial users, landscape architects and soil yards in the state. We have a product to suit any of your requirements, whether it be for a small or large project and we aim to be your one stop shop for great, sustainable landscapes.

To ensure consistency of product, Richgro selects only raw materials that meet its strict quality control under its ISO 9001 certification. These materials are then screened to ensure consistent particle size and where needed, they are then composted using strict guidelines.

Our range of quality wholesale products are produced from all natural waste materials meaning organic soils of exceptional quality for you. We provide a great net benefit to the environment and the community by preventing these materials from going to landfill. We believe that the more we can save from the tip and turn into brilliant, affordable and versatile materials, the better.

Richgro Commercial