Demonstration Of The New PMB Slinger At Richgro - Richgro Commercial

Demonstration Of The New PMB Slinger At Richgro

No more shovelling or driving heavy machinery onto the trench edge.

Richgro recently demonstrated the new PMB (Perth Materials Blowing) slinger at their Jandakot site. It has the ability to sling (throw) products in a controlled manner or drop it directly behind a retaining or precast wall making for easy and effective stockpiling onsite.

It is great for moving product over an obstruction, fence etc. The new slinger is currently being used for sand and stones and in some occasions for mulch, adding much efficiency at production level. Demo sessions on site are possible and Richgro has already presented the machine in action to some of their civil customers.

Should there be interest in viewing please contact us.

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