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Innovative Organic Biofiltration Media

“Readily Available Water” through infiltration and treatment of contaminated water run off.

Purpose designed for specific landscape and rain garden applications, Organic Biofiltration Media allows for the efficient infiltration and treatment of contaminated water run-off from roads, car parks or other impermeable surfaces. The purified water can then be stored and re-used to irrigate landscaped areas. A wide range of plant species can be grown in such media that can also take up stored water by natural capillary action.

Over 100 international and local independent scientific studies have shown conclusively that this Organic Biofiltration media containing recycled materials can treat stormwater, industrial run-off and some industrial waste waters. Formulations are custom designed using a blend of tested and accredited components, in customised proportions, that are engineered for specific performance requirements such as pollutant removal, lifespan, hydraulic conductivity, compaction and plant growth. To support sustainability outcomes, those formulations include a minimum of 25% and up to 100% community recycled materials.

Organic biofiltration media reduces costs, time, and increases sustainable outcomes while improving the performance of vegetated biofiltration system such as rain gardens, detention basins and bio swales.

This media also supports robust plant establishment and sustainable growth. High inherent water holding capacity and natural microbial activity creates a favourable growing environment and provides resilience in times of climatic stress.

It doesn’t require any additional fertiliser application to achieve plant establishment and growth due to the plant available nutrients inherent in the media in extractable form that nourish plants through mechanisms such as cation exchange. This results in significantly higher nutrient uptake into the vegetation (e.g. phytoremediation) thus avoiding leaching into the environment.

Organic Biofiltration Media Ecomedia is a product made by Richgro under licence for Star Water Solutions.


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