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Organic Fertilisers and Biodiversity: Fostering a Healthy Ecosystem

Everyone’s need for landscaping products is different. But whether you’re growing veggies or running a full-scale landscaping business, fostering a healthy ecosystem is something good to aim for.

A healthy ecosystem relies on biodiversity as one of its main pillars. From the personal backyard at home, to landscaping businesses, to major agricultural projects, increasing biodiversity is one of the best ways to create a healthy ecosystem. This way, we’ll attract good insects, promote healthy cross-pollination and promote the natural ongoing growth of plants.


What is a healthy ecosystem?

There are several factors that influence the health of an ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem is one that maintains correct physical, chemical and biological components and provides plenty of beneficial services to the living organisms within it. When an ecosystem is healthy, it has the ability to withstand change and potential stressors, while offering a haven for its ‘residents’ – i.e. organisms, plants, insects and local wildlife.


What makes a healthy ecosystem?

Now, we’re not going to go to rigorously scientific lengths to explain what makes a healthy ecosystem… we could write a whole thesis on the topic!  But one of the basic principles on which a healthy ecosystem is based is biodiversity. A biodiverse ecosystem is one that fosters a variety of plants, insects, animals, bacteria and other microorganisms which effectively support each other.


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How can I create a healthier ecosystem?

Any outdoor space is a mini ecosystem. There are chemical and biological components in the soil and there are ‘stakeholders’ which call the outdoor area home: plants, insects, bees, birds and microorganisms.

There are several ways to incorporate biodiversity in our landscaping or agricultural projects. We can include more native plants, provide more food for pollinators, provide water for bees and birds, and recycle organic matter for compost. And to help the growth and strength of our plants, we can use organic fertiliser!


The role of organic fertilisers in a healthy ecosystem

One of the greatest tools we can use to promote a healthy ecosystem is organic fertiliser. Organic fertilisers are more than just food for your plants. They can help balance the chemicals in the soil, letting your plants flourish and giving you a better chance of creating a biodiverse ecosystem. With organic fertilisers, we can supplement the crucial macronutrients that plants need, even if your soil isn’t naturally rich.


At Richgro, we love our organic fertilisers. That’s why we’ve created a range of organic fertiliser products to help you foster a diverse and healthy ecosystem, whether you’re in landscaping or agriculture. We also have the ability to customize mixes to any type of project requirements.

Richgro Commercial supplies top-quality soil conditioners, fertilisers, mulches and other organic products to get your project looking healthy. Check out our website to find a Richgro stockist near you.


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