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Richgro Landscape & Commercial is one of the most respected suppliers of growing mixes to nurserymen and commercial growers in Perth. Our professional blends are well known to deliver results above expectations.

Richgro is proud to be an ISO 9001 Quality endorsed company. We supply quality certified products and hold various Australian Standards on our products including Australian Standard AS3743 for our Potting Mixes.

In addition, every product batch that leaves our premises is tested to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products, every time. Products are monitored consistently by its on-site laboratory which has years of knowledge, expertise and is monitored by annual checks from government sources within the industry.

Richgro is a NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) Accredited Growing Media Supplier and is Eco-Hort and Bio-Secure Certified, assuring customers that the products they buy have been produced under industry recognised best management practices.

Our specialty is the ability to manufacture custom made mixes to the specifications of what the customers needs. The professional blends are tailored to deliver optimal growing conditions for a variety of plants.

We are known specialist suppliers of:

  • Rooftop/planter box mixes with proven results over the past 4-5 years
  • Native soil mixes such as seedling mixes and potting mixes
  • Mixes for herb and vegetable growers
  • Blueberry mixes and avocado mixes
  • Potting mixes for tree growers

In addition to our own range, we also offer the Osmocote Commercial Range. CLICK HERE to download our list of Osmocote products.

Plants grown at Domus Nursery using Richgro specialist potting mix.
Richgro Commercial