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Quality Assurance

Richgro is proud to be an ISO 9001Quality endorsed company. We supply quality certified products and hold Australian Standard on a number of products. We also have Australian Certified Organic certification on some of ourf fertilisers and soil conditioners and water saving certification on our soil wetters and mulches.

In addition, every product batch that leaves our premises is tested to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products, every time.

Australian Standards

Australian Standards Certification gives you the assurance of quality. Products certified under Australian Standards have been independently tested and proven to deliver the results the product claims.

Richgro manufactures all its products to Australian Standards and has certification on a number of those:

  • AS 3743-2003 for potting mixes and garden soils;
  • AS 4454-2012 for composts, soil conditioners and mulches;
  • AS 4419-2003 soils for landscaping and garden use;

Products are monitored consistently by our on-site laboratory which has years of knowledge, expertise and is monitored by annual checks from government sources within the industry. The Laboratory also supplies testing services to all your requirements.

Waste to Energy Focus

Richgro is strongly committed to a carbon free footprint.

AD plantThe company operates an organic waste-to-energy Anaerobic Digestor which:

  • Diverts over 100 tonnes of waste per day from landfill
  • Produces 100% carbon free electricity
  • Returns excess carbon free power to the power grid

Find out more about our Sustainability Journey here.

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