Exotic Mulch – NEW

Exotic Mulch – NEW

A black, fine blended mulch. Easy to spread and aesthetically improves look. As it decomposes, the organic matter will improve soil structure, increase soil permeability (wettability) and will release essential nutrients.

Available in: Bulk

Product Composition

  • Fine composted green waste, composted organics, and peat.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces water evaporation from the soil
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Helps control weed growth
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Plant pathogen suppression
  • Adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down

When mulching try to achieve an even thickness of 75mm (3’’) over the entire bed but leave a clearance of approximately 25mm (1’’) around stalks and stems of plants to avoid collar rot – slightly more for larger plants and trees.

Occasionally rake the surface of the mulch and annually top up your mulch back to the 75mm (3’’) thickness.

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