IBDU– 31%N 3-4 months

IBDU– 31%N 3-4 months

IBDU is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer product which consists of white spherical particles with a size of 0.5-1.0mm or 0.7-2.5mm in diameter. This product maintains a constant effectiveness for a period of three months, providing ideal growth without any phytotoxic damage. Straight IBDU is mainly used for turf and horticulture applications by itself or as a raw material for bulk blending.

Available in: 25kg bag

Product Composition

  • 31% Nitrogen

Product Benefits

  • Long-Lasting
    IBDU keeps plants green and verdant since it continuously releases nitrogen for three months.
  • Does Not Burn
    Since this fertiliser is slow-release type, even application of a large amount will not cause burning or
    other adverse effects
  • Easy to use

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