Lawn Marvel®

Lawn Marvel®

Totally organic and screened to a fine size for easy application to turf.

Available in: Bulk

Product Composition

  • Composted soil conditioner

Product Benefits

  • Instant improvement to a tired lawn
  • Can be used on any type of turf grass
  • Improves soils

New lawns:

Simply mix one part Richgro Lawn Marvel with 3 parts existing top soil and dig in well. Once the soil surface has been graded to the correct levels, lay or sow your turf and apply a lawn fertiliser at the recommended rate to get your lawn off to the best possible start. For best results, it is recommended at this time, to apply Richgro EZI-WET water saving soil wetter to the prepared soil and to water in well.

Existing lawns:

After mowing, scarifying or vertimowing simply spread Richgro Lawn Marvel evenly over the existing lawn to a thickness of 5-10mm and rake in well using a lawn rake or the back of a metal garden rake. Ensure the coverage is even, turf is still visible and that Richgro Lawn Marvel is not heaped in places. Water in well after application. An application of Richgro EZI-WET water saving at this time will ensure that you attain the best result as it will assist with the uptake of nutrients and ensure that water reaches the root zone of the lawn.

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