Urea – Soluble Lawn & Leaf Greener

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Available In: 4kg

Top-Quality Urea From Australia’s Most Relied On Fertiliser Suppliers

Richgro urea is the most concentrated solid form of nitrogen available. It is an ideal lawn greener or high nitrogen feeder for plants such as palms and ferns. It works as a powerful leaf booster, helping grow strong plants that are free from disease and resistant to pests.


Nitrogen is vital for plant growth and it is taken from the soil in mineral form. It is then converted to plant protein to improve growth, vibrancy and strength. Urea fertiliser is placed on the surface of the soil, the area is watered heavily, and the chemical reaction converts it to ammonium bicarbonate. This is an efficient way to provide your lawn the most nitrogen at the lowest cost.


  • Soluble Nitrogen
  • Fast green lawns
  • Stronger growth



Experience And Expertise In All Fertilisers And Lawn Care Products

Urea as a fertiliser is high in nitrogen and can be used as a great lawn fertiliser allowing a super green boost to your lawn. This gives home gardeners, commercial operations, and even hobbyists, the ability to get the most from their lawns, plants, and their outdoor spaces. Designed for Australian climates, whether you’re located on the east, west, north or south coast, it is versatile enough to work with the wide variety of soil types in this country.

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How to Use

Apply dry or diluted at the rate of 20g per square metre and water in well.




For your Pots, Garden or Lawn, enter the dimensions of the area or pot size and hit Calculate.

Note : Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.